What we do?

A strong and sound banking system is considered to be the backbone of an economy reinforcing the process of economic growth and development. Banks are important intermediaries which channel resources from surplus, prosperous sectors to the deficient, critical ones. Micro finance has evolved as an empirical tool in the domain of the banking system. This discipline is specifically earmarked to uplift the economy from the shackles of poverty, unemployment and economic backwardness.

NEED Livelihood Microfinance Pvt. Ltd. (NLMPL) works on the principles of human empowerment and self-sufficiency. As on 30th March, 2019, NLMPL has approximately 33,800 active members, mostly women, across 51 branches. It has successfully changed the lives of a vast number of marginalized communities in the most impoverished states of India. NLMPL understands that India, being a labour-abundant and a capital-starved economy, measures have to be undertaken towards rural development through capital-building are inevitable without any shadow of doubt. Our institution strives to inculcate the ideas of self-confidence and self-employment through various skill development programs. Further, our team facilitates easy credit to the rural micro-entrepreneurs and seeks to provide a sound business environment for them.